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How to Avoid the 3 Primary Reasons Starutps Fail

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How to Avoid the 3 Primary Reasons Startups Fail

• The 3 primary reasons startups fail.

• Startup and business failure case studies.

• The RAF Marketing Method to build, brand, and grow a business.

• Extended Q & A.

Marketing PRACTICE for Sustained Business Growth

• Real-world, applied Marketing (not academic theory).

• Utilizing the CTA (call-to-action) to motivate response.

• Case studies of business failures.

• Marketing Practice to build, brand, and grow a business.

Product Validation Through the Process of Productization

• Define the characteristics of your [potential] offering.

• Describe the benefit or solution your offering provides.

• Identify groups of people who will find value in your offering.

• Details behaviors of individual target users for tight target marketing.

Competitive Analysis to Identify Unique Differentiators

• Utilizing Iterative Search techniques to find competitors.

• Visualize competition's offerings with a Competitive Analysis Chart.

• Identifying your offerings Unique Value Propositions.

• Position your business based on your unique offerings. 

Name Your Startup, and Every Productized Offering for Branding

• Typical conventions to employ for naming a new venture.

• How to create Branded, SEO names for your offerings.

• Give your business, and each offering released, a branded voice.

• Making your URL/s SEO-friendly. 

Identity Development through Logo Execution

• Utilizing Visual Design to create flexible, memorible identites.

• Digital and print reproduction.

• Logo design conventions and parameters.

• Building Brand Standards catalog of icons, elements, and imagery.



How to Write Copy That Gets Attention and Converts

• Utilizing Visual Design to create flexible, memorible identites.

• Define the project with a Creative Brief.

• Generate Ideas for the campaign.

• Choose the right words to grab attention, engage and sell.