What Is Your Business Worth?


Unless you consistently actualize unique ideas of value, then continually market them, and grow awareness of your business brand.

Over 400,000 businesses start up annually in the U.S. 

Within 5 years, 90% will fail.*

Talented innovators are creating awesome apps— from social platforms, to peer-to-peer online services (SaaS). Others are developing goods and products from cupcakes, to fashion. Entrepreneurs are busy in their garages and dining rooms, their shared work spaces, or private offices, designing solutions that will enable us to be more efficient, productive, and have more fun! Most are hoping to create corporate entities that can weather most any economy. And the fact is, most will never survive much beyond launch without effective marketing.

We all know that Marketing (or lack thereof) can make, or break a business. Developing a new product, service, or even nonprofit, or trying to increase sales of an existing offering, some form of marketing is required to make your target audiences aware you have something that may interest them. You must get intimate with what you are selling, or plan to sell, and identify who** will want your offering before you begin selling it. The more tightly-targeted your marketing, the more engagement it will get

How do you 'identify' this elusive 'tight-targeted' market for your offerings?

Start at the beginning, with the first step in the Marketing Process—Productization.


Way before you (or those you hire) design digital campaigns, implement websites, create identities, even start or finish developing your offering, you first must identify what you have (or envision you will), and many who will likely want it, to create a sustainable business.


Implementing Productization [with each offering] is where the Marketing Process begins... 


*Gallup 2017

**'The world' is not targeted marketing, as not everyone on the planet will be interested in your offering.

LIVE, Step-by-Step Marketing PRACTICE to Build, Brand, and Grow Your Business

LIVE Marketing Workshops @ Your Office

LIVE IPP Lean Marketing Workshops are presented at your office* and provide you and your staff with the strategies, tools, methods, process, and resources to make effectively marketing your business doable, ground-up, step-by-step, in sequential, actionable steps.


Variations on these corporate workshops have been taught @ Stanford, Cal Berkeley, and other accredited universities, utilizing the RAF Marketing Method. But the RAF Method is not academic theory, or entrepreneur's stories (which worked for them but likely not for most of us). RAF is a 3-Step Marketing PROCESS for achieving sustained business growth.


IPP LIVE Lean Marketing Workshops teach the PRACTICE of marketing a business to thrive.

Click on the boxes below, and get a close-up view of the curriculums, the timelines, and the projects associated with each workshop.

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3

*Workshop space to accomodate up to 10 people is provided in select San Francisco and Seattle area locations. Contact for a convenient IPP-HUB near you.


The RAF Marketing Method to Avoid Business Failure

Most entrepreneurs launch their new offerings, even their businesses, backwards. Find out how to avoid this common mistake with the RAF Marketing Method--Marketing PRACTICE, step-by-step, to build and brand your business.


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