What Is Your Business Worth?


Unless you consistently actualize unique offerings of value, then continually market them with campaigns that sell, and grow awareness and advocates of your business brand.

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Mentored Marketing Workshops

IPP Mentored Marketing Workshops are presented LIVE ONLINE, and provides you [and your team, if you've got one] with the strategies, tools, methods, process, templates and resources to make effectively marketing your business doable, step-by-step, in sequential, actionable steps.


The RAF Marketing Method is a 'template' approach to business marketing that allows you create marketing campaigns that generate response, i.e. sell your offerings and brand your business. It has been taught @ Stanford, Cal Berkeley, FIDM, and other accredited universities. But the RAF Method is not academic theory, or just entrepreneur's stories. RAF is a proprietary, 3-Step Marketing PROCESS for achieving sustainable business growth through effective Marketing PRACTICE. 

Click on the boxes below and get a close-up view of the curriculums, the timelines, and the projects associated with each workshop. Personalized, and tailored for your specific business marketing needs, each project is fully mentored so you will produce professional multimedia campaigns (identites, websites, social media campaign and more) that you'll utilize to build, brand, and grow your business.

Learning Outcomes and Produced Marketing Campaigns

  • Implement the Productization process—establish a marketing foundation for your business to thrive, and produce SEO marketing content for each offering you envision or produce.

  • Discover target markets and individual users for your product, service, or nonprofit.

  • Perform Competitive Analysis and identify your offering's uniquely valuable differentiators.

  • Implement a Profit Model for launch of each offering, and project Horizontal and Vertical offerings and markets. Create an Elevator Pitch to excite others about your venture.

  • Develop Branding—product and company names, logos, taglines, and multimedia brand standards.

  • Examine effective content marketing including graphic design, and SEO copywriting.

  • Learn how digital technology works—from URLs, to web hosting, to cloud computing, including print reproduction for producing professional marketing for your venture.

  • Establish a content library of video, music and imagery to utilize in campaigns at low to no cost.

  • Produce marketing campaigns for your business—websites, landing pages, social media marketing, emails, online and print advertising and collateral that reflects your brand and sells your offerings.

  • Find and explore resources for raising capital. Create a Pitch Deck for VC or crowd funding.

Give yourself and your team (if you have one) a shot at beating the grim startup failure stats. Bring IPP Mentored Marketing Workshops to your venture to build a thriving, sustainable business.


The RAF Marketing Method to Avoid Business Failure

Most entrepreneurs launch their new offerings, even their new business ventures, backasswards. Find out how to avoid this common mistake with the RAF Marketing Method--Marketing PRACTICE, step-by-step, to build and brand your business.

Be Among 10% Achieving Business Success with Smart Marketing

Setting up a dynamic, functional marketing foundation in which you, or anyone you hire can consistently produce campaigns that effectively brand your business and sell your stuff is mandatory for business success. Developing a new product, service, or even nonprofit, or simply trying to increase sales of an existing offering requires some form of marketing to make your target audiences aware of what you have.

Way before you (or those you hire) design digital campaigns, implement websites, create identities, even start [or finish] developing your offering, you first must identify what you have (or envision you will), and project many who will likely want it, to create a lasting business.


Implementing Productization [with every offering] is where the Marketing Process begins... 


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