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IPP Marketing Videos

Digital vs. Print


What is the REAL difference between digital and print marketing?

It's time to shatter a marketing myth...

The Reason Most Marketing Response is Low


Discover why, even with big data analytics of today, most marketing efforts get very little traction, and even fewer sales, especially digital marketing.

Target Marketing Defined


There are many complex definitions of Target Marketing on Google. This video is a simple trailer style!

Targeting Users


It is essential to tightly target your marketing efforts to those you've identified will find value in your offerings. Beyond broad markets, today we must drill down to the psychographics of these targets, and get personal with our users.

Thinking of Starting Up?


Have an idea you'd like to launch into a startup, for profit? Lots to consider...

Have you considered the reality of starting and managing a business? 

Going Stealth?


Afraid to talk about your upcoming offering? View video to find out why 'going stealth' is NOT smart marketing.

Think Your Offering is Unique?

PROVE IT! This video shows you how to find the Unique Value Propositions (UVPs) for each offering you produce, or consider producing.

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