Workshop 1: Productization

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Overview and Workshop Sessions

Lean Business Marketing—LBM Workshop 1

Productize Your Offerings and Business

Modules (Click on each for their respective trailersComing soon):

  1. Marketing ITRW*

  2. The RAF Marketing Method

  3. Validating Product/Market Fit of Your Offering

  4. Defining your Offering's Features & Benefits

  5. Identifying Target Markets & Targeting Users

  6. Performing Competitive Analysis

  7. Discovering Unique Value Propositions

  8. Horizontal & Vertical Development

  9. H & V Marketing

  10. Profit Models for Rollout and Beyond

  11. Elevator Pitch Draft

*In The Real World

Workshop Sessions




4 hours [daily] + 3 days


12 total hrs





3 hours [daily] +  3 days a week

for 2 weeks

18 total hrs





4 hours [daily] + 3 days

(Fri., Sat., & Sun.)

12 total hrs

LBM Workshop 1: Productization



There are 8 Projects in Lean Business Marketing (LBM) Workshop 1. Projects will be assigned at the end of each Module, and relate directly to module content. Templates will be provided for all projects.


Completion of each project with the perimeters given will yield eight Productization Lists of SEO keywords and key phrases related to your offering/s, that you'll use in your marketing campaigns often, throughout the life-cycle of your business. You'll define your business Profit Model for rollout, as well as a year, and five down the line. To speak with authority and impact at Meetups and networking events, you'll construct an initial Elevator Pitch.


Each completed project is directly applicable to helping you build a solid foundation for marketing your business to thrive, at pre-launch, rollout, and beyond.


*In The Real World


*4-hour limit of Project Review Mentoring is included. Additional Lean Business Marketing Mentoring is available. Please inquire for details:

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