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Module 1, Step #1



Overview and Node Sessions

Module 1: Productization

Productize Your Offerings and Business

Have an IDEA for an app, a product or a service you're considering turning into a business?

Do you have a small business that needs to generate more sales with your marketing efforts?


PRODUCTIZATION is Step #1 in the Marketing process of any product, service, or new business. This first step in the process of building a thriving, sustainable business should begin way before advertising or branding campaigns are ever conceived. The Productization process builds a Marketing Foundation under every new offering to the marketplace—products, services, and new ventures. This business structure enables the creation of effective marketing campaigns that will be continually required to promote your company image and sell your stuff.

The PRODUCTIZATION process provides plug-n-play Marketing templates. Like a math equation, just plug in an idea (or developing product), then perform the steps below to set up any new venture up for sustainable success. PRODUCTIZE every offering you conceive (preferably before the time and expense of developing something that won't sell or has a short shelf life). Selling tech, a better widget, or SaaS in a license agreement, or starting a bakery or nonprofit, establish a solid Marketing Foundation for your business through PRODUCTIZATION.

Productization Nodes

  1. Marketing ITRW*

  2. The RAF Marketing Method

  3. Validating Product/Market Fit of Your Offering

  4. Defining your Offering's Features & Benefits

  5. Identifying Target Markets & Targeting Users

  6. Performing Competitive Analysis

  7. Discovering Unique Value Propositions

  8. Horizontal & Vertical Development

  9. H & V Marketing

  10. Profit Models for Rollout and Beyond

  11. Elevator Pitch Draft

The success of any business is directly proportional with the effectiveness of their marketing. Performing PRODUCTIZATION on each idea you envision will streamline your product development, provide relevant [SEO] content and targeted users for your branding and sales campaigns (online; print; viral). And the best bit—startups that build a Marketing Foundation through the process of PRODUCTIZATION are generally among the <10% that create thriving, sustainable businesses.

Step #1: Productization



There are 10 DIY Projects in W1 Productization. These projects are the fundamental building blocks of the Marketing Foundation you'll need to create a thriving, sustainable business. All projects will be assigned at the end of each node, and relate directly to the node content to concretize your learning. Every project you complete, (even attempt), will be thoroughly reveiwed directly with you in 1:1 critique sessions at the beginning of each new node, to be sure you have a completely understanding of the material previously presented. Templates will be provided for all projects.


Completion of each project with the perimeters given will yield 8 dynamic Productization Lists of SEO keywords and content marketing all related to your offering/s. You'll use these lists often in your branding and sales campaigns throughout the life-cycle of your business. You'll define your business Profit Model for rollout, as well as a year, and five down the line. To speak with authority and impact at Meetups and networking events, you'll construct an initial Elevator Pitch.


Each completed project is directly applicable building a solid marketing foundation to deliver a roadmap for your business to thrive, at pre-launch, rollout, and beyond.


*In The Real World

6 wks, 15 hrs, $500

Productization is the beginning, the FIRST STEP in setting up the Marketing Foundation required to build a sustainable business. In 6 weeks, a session of 2.5 hrs per week, this 1:1 mentorship will deliver Step 1 (the above curriculum) in the three step, step-by-step marketing process of producing offerings of value, for profit, to market and sell as licensing agreements, or as the first offering in your new startup venture.


See details of Productization Curriculum and DIY Projects:

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