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Student and Client 


See what clients, Stanford, and Cal Berkeley students have to say about IPP Marketing Workshops. 

"Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime." —Confucius

Sure, you can hire someone to do your business marketing, and trust that they know what they are doing. You can fire them if they don't deliver results, like sales of your products, and/or services, then hire someone else, and waste more time and money with the same process (and problems) you had with the first agency you hired.

Or, you can learn what makes marketing work, and what marketing will work for your venture.


IPP's Marketing workshops educate entrepreneurs and business stakeholders in Marketing PRACTICE. We enable the ambitious, with the process and tools to create your own marketing at little cost, as well as help you direct those you hire to produce response driven campaigns for your business.

Our workshops provide the knowledge to actualize ideas into valuable offerings, and market companies of value to mature and grow. We empower visionaries to produce marketing that brands their business, garners engagement, retention, conversion, and sales of their offerings.

Watch the videos to see what recent former students had to say about the RAF Marketing Method, IPP Marketing courses, and our primary educators.


Check out what former Stanford students say about IPP's LIVE Marketing workshops in the video. Pause it at any point to read the full review.

Stanford Students

Check out what former UC Berkeley students say about IPP's LIVE Marketing workshops in the video. Pause it at any point to read the full review.

Personal Emails from Business Professionals

ModCom Ingrids Company.JPG

"I believe you are one of the best instructors I've ever had. Your real life experience, combined with your skill as a teacher, bring copywriting to life. Plus, you're a kick in the pants. You keep things lively. Fun.


Thanks so much for the incredible opportunity of being in your class. I do hope our paths cross again in the future."


With gratitude,


Ingrid Hart
Midlife Renewal Facilitator

Modcom Communications

"Yay! Thank you so much :)  You've been a great teacher and I've learned a ton that I'll be applying at work and beyond."



Olga Pastel

CRM Email Marketing Manager

Sony Playstation

"Thanks for your feedback! You've been a rockstar at providing feedback. Really enjoyed the class and I would highly recommend your class to my colleagues. :)"  

Judy Lee

Product Marketing Specialist

Sony Playstation

"Thank you so much for everything. Love all your feedback and so happy I took this class." 


Ines Rodriguez

Marketing Manager

Simco Family Restaurants

simco resturants.jpg

"I wanted to say thank you — the class has been helpful in demystifying a lot of marketing processes that I previously thought were done by magic. It’s good to know that I don’t need to buy The Necronomicon to accomplish my goal of transitioning into marketing."


Jon Cannon

Store Support Lead

The RealReal

The RealReal logo.jpg

"Thank you Jeri! I really enjoyed taking this course. It's the first time I've taken an extension course or any course outside of formal education so didn't really know what to expect. I'm glad to say that it was a very positive experience and I want to thank you for making it so."

Gunjan Choudhary

Editorial Manager (Marketing Communications)

Bio-Rad Laboratories


"I would like to thank you very much for the class. I have enjoyed the class very much and your enthusiasm made the subject very interesting and opened up my mind a lot not only in Copywriting but also in marketing as a whole." 

Theerapa Mekathikom

Lighting Designer/Interior Designer

Hiram Banks Lighting Design

HBanks Lighting.png

"I really enjoyed all the practice I got in the class writing descriptions, features, a creative brief, and LOTS of headlines and subject lines. The email exercise was a "blast" for me, because I seldom get to write that kind of messaging in my work. 

And I'm going to be using it when I next advertise my writing and editing workshops in Asia.


Thanks for the excellent class!"

Richard Wallis

Senior Technical Editor

Guidewire Software


"Thank you so much for your feedback on all my assignments. I really appreciate your professional advice and feedback. Your passion for marketing and writing is very contagious. I am not a English native speaker. I have been working as a marketer for the last 15 years in Asia, namely China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Moving to the US, i find that there are nuances in marketing message in terms of country context. At such, i join classes like yours to find ways to refine my marketing message, continuously learning from the expert like you.

Please continue to teach for the better of sharing the wealth of marketing knowledge that you have!"

Alyssa Low

Senior Marketing Manager
Employer Brand Marketing

intuit 1.jpg

I know this email is a bit late, but I wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful class! I learned A LOT from it and I know that everything I learned will be extremely useful in my future business endeavors. :-)

Yemeen Shamsi
Communications and Donor Relations Coordinator
Stanford University

"Thank you for teaching this class. Enjoyed the content immensely and really appreciated your style of teaching (kept me awake and interested at the end of a long day). Hope to see more of your courses offered through Stanford Continuing Studies."
Leticia Jones
Executive Project Coordinator, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University

"Jeri- thanks for a wonderful session. Both thought provoking and useful."


Radha Duttagupta, Ph.D

Sr.Manager, Clinical Operations



"Thank you Jeri! The course was really comprehensive and gave us a great "start to finish" view of how to launch a start-up."

Arati Chavan

Strategy and Planning

FB logo.png

"Thanks for making this course such a fun learning experience. Thanks for cutting the c**p and drilling down the fact that "Marketing is all about selling something to fulfill a want!" That itself removes a lot of fluff from the thinking process and makes it very focused and crystal clear. 

While I do hope to create something out of this. And even if the entrepreneurial spirit doesn't kick in, I'm sure your teachings will definitely come in handy in all future job projects. 


Thank you all for your constructive feedback."

Meet Kaur Gulati

Senior Copywriter



"It  was such a wonderful and enriching experience these last few weeks that I attended your class and looked forward to each Wednesday evening.

Though I still haven't a product or service that I plan to launch soon I did take away new n interesting facets to marketing and I loved your candid way of teaching."

Nidhi (Chandra) Sahni

Director, New Products

Reboot Accel

reboot accell.jpg

​"I want to sincerely thank you for the most awesome learning experience ever! This is definitely one of the best classes I have ever taken, and believe me, I've taken A LOT! I looked forward to every class meeting.  Your presentations were so hilarious and meaningful. I really had to refrain myself from laughing out loud. I appreciate all the valuable information to marketing that's enlightened my drive and passion to target the people who will make my Mom's business a substantial improvement.

I'm anxious to implement all of the marketing ideas to increase profits for my Mom's Bakery. She doesn't have any idea that I was taking your class to help her. My mom isn't getting any younger and with all that you have taught me will enable her to retire earlier than she anticipated and enjoy a lot of her hard work!


Mrs. Cafesin, I am eager to put everything you have taught me into action! You made my 175 mile round trip well worth it. I highly recommend your course to all business professionals. I've successfully owned and managed in downtown Palo Alto for 25 years, but what I have learned from your class is going to make an extraordinary impact on my Mom's bakery!"

Debra Carr
Special Education Teacher

Contra Costa County Office of Education


"I would like to say thank you so much for what you taugh me in this whole course. Definitely, you change the perspective of my project and you gave me the tools to develop my project and i finally understood the process to do so  the  I had learned a lot of stuff that  i just put in practice every day. My business is a Spa and Hair salon running in Ecuador. Right now i am working in the website that you will see in this coming weeks."


Angel Rojas

"Your class was extremely helpful and interesting I appreciated your humor  (sarcasm) and energy but above all the content of your videos, do you have perhaps a website or book dedicated to the subjects you taught in class or paid access to your presentations?"

Alejandra Galarza

Marketing and International Trade Manage


"An amazing amount of info. This could be a semester long class with all of the content."

Mike Heckathorn 
Founder, CEO
Trident Environmental and Engineering, Inc.

trident engineering.png

"Thanks a lot for taking this class. It was a truly wonderful and amazing experience to start launch my own online Art Gallery under your guidance. The feedback you gave was really nice and me with my team are working on implementing it."


Aayush Dewan

Co Founder & Marketing Director
Inks'n'Oils Art Gallery

inks and oils art gallery.JPG

"Thanks again, Jeri. It's really really a great experience with you and this course really inspires me a lot. I want to apply for a master degree in marketing next year, and I haven't learned much about marketing before. So this course is really a fantastic begining for me and it opens a whole new world for me to explore and I really love marketing.


I think manipulating people to do what we want them to do is really interesting and challengeable. I don't know how to express my gratefulness more. It's really an amazing journey. Thank you."

Alay(Yinghui) Yang

Data Scientist
Netease Games



Ready to Be a CEO?

If you have a business IDEA you'd like to turn into a product or service, IPP's Mentored Marketing Workshops will help you startup, ground up.

If you have an existing business with campaigns that aren't getting the traction you'd like, IPP Mentorships can help improve your marketing's engagement, and increase your sales!

Sick of working for someone else and want to be your own boss, but you've got no ideas for a business yet? No worries! PRODUCTIZATION will help you discover a business idea you're passionate about developing into a marketable offering of value, for profit.

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