"Applied Behavioral Marketing" Meetup

You are invited to join us for another
Marketing PRACTICE Meetup, Tues., Jan 21st


Think you know Marketing?

Silicon Valley startups today typically flood the net with digital marketing—ads, emails, games, videos, polls and such—pushing products and services that have no discerning or lasting value to hardly anyone. This marketing approach clearly illustrates why 90% of all startups fail.

The virus among the new order of entrepreneurs is the belief that adding more tech can accomplish...anything. Unfortunately, SEO tricks over valuable content—selling benefits fulfilling a desire—or blindly following A/B test results, or relying solely on analytics, doesn’t actually sell much.

Applied Behavioral Marketing—Foundation, and Forward,” is a 50 minute talk that first renders a functional template of the Marketing process, then provides doable, actionable steps to create real-world campaigns that will SELL your offerings.

Attendees will learn:

  • MARKETING Defined—a framework for utilizing the Marketing Process.

  • Real-world, applied Marketing PRACTICE (not academic theory, or entrepreneurs' stories), for creating campaigns that SELL your offerings.

  • How to utilize the CTA (Call-to-Action) to motivate engagement, response, and conversion.

  • Lean Marketing resources to build, brand, and grow your business.​


Join Us in Sunnyvale, CA, Tuesday, January 21, @6:30p.m., for this practical, actionable, real-world Marketing PRACTICE Talk.


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