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"Applied Behavioral Marketing"

Over 90% of all startups fail the first few years because they launch backasswards.

They invest their seed capital, or worse, their own money developing a product or service, and only after the offering is built do they consider marketing.


The product or service your business offers, or will offer in starting up, will NOT lead to business success. Creating and growing a thriving, sustainable business begins with MARKETING.


We start a business to SELL our offerings. Even nonprofits need to raise money to run. Getting 'engagements' and 'likes' on your Instagram posts or Facebook ads may feel good, but more often than not, it doesn't actually sell your stuff. A marketing foundation is required for any business to thrive, and survive, as you will have to produce marketing campaigns for the life of your business, pre-launch, launch and beyond.


Most entrepreneurs and small business owners need to step back from what they've been taught about 'digital' marketing, and learn practical marketing strategy that will set them up for business success.


Applied Behavioral Marketing—Foundation, and Forward,” is a 55 minute talk that teaches budding and seasoned entrepreneurs a proprietary, step-by-step marketing process (not academic theory, or just founders' stories). This webinar offers a strategic roadmap to build a marketing foundation for their idea, developing product, or existing small business, to create professional, tightly targeted digital and print marketing campaigns that brand their business and sell their products and services for profit.

Attendees will learn:

  • MARKETING Defined—a framework for utilizing the Marketing Process.

  • Real-world, applied Marketing PRACTICE (not academic theory, or entrepreneurs' stories), for creating campaigns that SELL your offerings.

  • How to utilize the CTA (Call-to-Action) to motivate engagement, response, and conversion.

  • Lean Marketing resources to build, brand, and grow your business.​

10 - 20 minutes of Q & A follows.


To bring this webinar to your business, online meetup or networking event please contact us with event details, as well as dates and times preferred for this presentation:


Marketing 101 Webinar Slide Deck

Ready to Startup?

Does your job suck? Is your boss an ass? Are you tired of working so hard for someone else? Or spending so much of your time looking for satisfying work?

Want a job you're excited about doing daily?

Be among the elite entrepreneurs and biz pros that have learned how to actualize and market their ideas, and developed offerings, into profitable, thriving, sustainable businesses.

It's time to be your own boss, and create a career you'll love.

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