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Find and Utilize Competition with

Competitive Analysis

LIVE Marketing PRACTICE Webinar

No need to look for competitors since your business offering is so unique, there's nothing out there remotely like it?


Think again!

You are going to find competition, if you are thorough, and tenacious, and keep searching until you find offerings on the market directly or indirectly related to yours.


No one wants to find their brilliant idea has been produced by someone else. But it's smart business to look for the same, or similar offerings to yours before investing a lot of effort in developing and/or marketing what's already available.


Find and Utilize Competition with Competitive Analysis,” is a 50 minute talk detailing the Competitive Analysis process—efficiently, proactively, step-by-step. This Marketing PRACTICE Meetup provides a Competitive Analysis template to easily discover, and monitor your competition, enabling you to match, or surpass each of their offerings with your own.


Competitors are a wellspring of information! Even industry-related competition can be utilized to identify your offering's unique value; guide iterative product development, and provide SEO content for marketing campaigns.


Attendees will learn:

  • The Iterative Search method for quickly finding virtually anything you want to know (and even things you don't want to know).


  • Production of a Comparative Analysis Chart, for a side-by-side view of your offering's features vs. your top competitors.


  • How to iterate your current offering to be sure to you provide more than your competitors.


  • A method for defining each offering's Unique Value Propositions (UVP), to use as content in SEO campaigns across media.


The only way to exceed your competition, is to be aware of them. It is critical to the success of any business to identify competitors as they pop up, or discover a known competitor's upgrade, or new release. And even if you don't find direct competitors this minute, you will, if your business garners any real traction.


Join us at this Marketing PRACTICE talk, for a template on how to discover, monitor, and surpass your competitors, to build, brand, and grow your business market share.


Speaker Bio

Creative Director, and Stanford marketing educator, Jeri Cafesin, inspired by over two decades marketing seed startups to Fortune 100s, brings practical, applicable, lean Marketing PRACTICE to Silicon Valley. A MarCom specialist for over two decades, and founder of—Lean Marketing Workshops for entrepreneurs—her marketing strategies and campaigns have helped build thriving companies that realize sustained business growth.

Slide deck for 3-Step Competitive Analysis Process

To bring this Competitive Analysis in 3-Steps webinar to your business or entrepreneurial community, please contact us via our contact form. Click the button below to see the current list of available LIVE ONLINE talks.

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