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LLM Workshop 3


Specific, low-budget, actionable steps for continually generating marketing efforts that garner attention, motivate action, brand your business, and sell your offerings. 

Marketing Your Business for Growth

Pre-Launch, Launch, and Beyond


Lean Launch Marketing, Workshop 3, takes you step-by-step through the process of writing, developing and producing professional pre-launch, launch, and future marketing campaigns that solicit engagement and generate conversion. 


You’ve learned how to become intimate with each of your projected or actualized offerings through the Productization process (LBM Workshop 1). And you now understand how to create branded marketing tools and campaigns to get the message of each great new product or service your business conceives or produces to the people most likely to use it (LBB Workshop 2).


You can now effectively market each of your real or potential products and/or services, as well as continually produce marketing efforts that builds awareness of your offerings, and your business.


LLM Workshop 3 provides you knowledge, tools, resources, and best practices to write powerful B2B and B2C marketing copy, then create and produce digital, print, interactive and experiential marketing, as well as PR campaigns that get noticed and motivate action (click; try; buy; subscribe).


  • Utilize a Creative Brief to produce campaigns that generates response with every marketing effort.

  • Copywriting grammar, tips and best practices for creating headlines that grab attention, communicate an incentive or branded message, and CTAs that prompt viewer to perform an action.

  • Learn to entice emotion and engagement in your digital and print campaigns through storytelling.

  • Social Media Marketing tools and trending methods to extend the reach of your campaigns to many who'll likely benefit from the offerings of your business.

  • Build real Social Networks, online, and in-person, of people who can help you pave your path to business success.

  • Generating PR for your company and each offering you release throughout the life-cycle of your business.

  • Create, write, produce and send email campaigns that build brand awareness of your products and business, and sell your offerings.

  • Create LIVE and online A/V marketing presentations for branding your business.

  • Design, write and produce engaging and informative Pitch Decks to solicit funding for your venture.


W3 Lean Lanunch Marketing provides specific, low-budget, actionable steps for creating and producing marketing campaigns that brand your business, and sell your offerings. This last workshop, this final step in the practical, plug-n-play RAF Marketing Method, guides the continual development of your marketing efforts to build and grow your business.

Lean Launch Marketing Workshop 3:


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Workshop3 Video

LLM W3—Step 3:

Continually Launch Multichannel Marketing Across Mediums

Business Growth Marketing Workshops

Create and Produce Professional, Multimedia Marketing Campaigns

Entreprenures, startup and business pros, set up a marketing foundation that will provide strategic direction and professional content marketing for digital [SEO], print and viral campaigns that brand your business and sell your offerings.

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