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how to make your marketing work to brand your business and SELL your offerings with every campaign.

In 2010...

Digital and mobile marketing were replacing print and TV in a big way. The buzz around Silicon Valley was online marketing would replace every other form of marketing. Digital campaigns were the future, and guaranteed to make any business millions at a fraction of cost of 'traditional,' (i.e. old-style) marketing.


Wow! Quite a claim, and now we all know it was fake news. Digital marketing alone likely won't make your business successful, regardless of the cost to utilize the medium. Why? The success of any marketing campaign isn't in the medium of delivery, but the message, and how tightly those messages are focused on the needs/desires of your target markets. You must produce marketing that motivates viewers to ACT—engage; buy; try; subscribe. And at the foundation of what motivates people to take an action is our psychology.


Mobile marketing, or direct mail print packages, each campaign must be tightly-targeted to fulfill a desire, or solve a problem for specific groups of people, to achieve top response rates on your marketing efforts.


Starting a business from an idea, or learning to market your existing business better, IPP Mentored Marketing Workshops are designed to educate entrepreneurs to CEOs in the process of consistently producing effective marketing for their business, that motivates action, and sales, for pre-launch, launch, and beyond.


These workshops are NOT marketing theory, academic MBA study, or entrepreneurs' stories (that worked for them, but not likely for most of us). All IPP workshops are, practical, doable, real-world Marketing PRACTICE. Each of the three workshop series introduces tools, methods, strategies, and projects you'll utilze as professional marketing campaigns to help you build and grow a thriving, sustainable business.

What Motivates People to Act on the CTA* in Your Marketing?

To discover what motivates people to buy, try, subscribe, or engage with your marketing efforts, watch the video.


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Motivating People

IPP's Executive Team

Jeri Cafesin
Founder, Marketing Mentor,
and Principal Educator

Jeri Cafesin is a creative director, a Stanford marketing educator, and the founder of A Silicon Valley Marketing specialist since the dot-com boom, from Fortune 500s (HP; Intuit; ViacomCBS) , to seed-funded fledglings (The Learning Co/Mattel; Location Labs/Avast; Bay Networks/Nortel), her marketing strategies, and digital, print, and viral campaigns have helped generate substantial business growth, and create sustainable startups, some ultimately selling for millions. A 10+ yr university educator, Ms. Cafesin has also taught hundreds of college students and business pros how to actualize and market their offerings into profitable, thriving businesses.

Andrew Weiss
Data Scientist, Coding Mentor,
and Data Analytics Educator

Andrew Weiss is a data scientist, with extensive experience developing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, for Fortune 100s, to B-round startups. As Principle Engineer at Netflix, he implemented their next generation recommendation engine. As Director of Analytics at Location Labs, he developed collaborative filtering on location to tag and catagorize points of interest. A Data Scientist at, he implemented a personalized email targeting application that boosted conversion 45%. He has been awarded 5 patents related to text classification systems, recommendation engines, and collaborative filtering services. 

No Clue How To Start or Grow Your Biz?


IPP's 1:1 LIVE online Mentored Marketing Workshops provides you [and your team, if you've got one] with the strategies, tools, methods, process, templates and resources to make effectively marketing your business doable, step-by-step, in sequential, actionable steps.

Change the trajectory of your life today and start a business, or learn how to grow the one you have with effective Marketing PRACTICE.

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