Workshop 1



Plug and play Marketing (like working a math equation), Productize each offering you have, or may in the future, to create marketable offerings of value, then effectively market/sell them, for profit.


Modules and Projects

Module 1: Marketing Fundamentals

1. The Three Primary Reasons Startups Fail—Introduction to the RAF Marketing Method

2. Startup Case Studies

3. Marketing—Foundation, Function, and Practice of Real-World Marketing


Project: List companies you know of, even your own, that has failed to perform any of the three primary RAF steps. Group discussion to share these stories.


Module 2: Productize Your Offering

1. Introduction to Productization Process

2. Productizing SaaS

3. Target Marketing

4. Targeting Users

Project: Create 4 Productization lists:

  • Features of your offering

  • Benefits of your offering

  • Target Markets for your offering

  • Target Users for your offering

Share with group for feedback.

Module 3: Competitive Analysis

1. Iterative Search

2. Competitive Analysis

3. Identify Your Offering's Differentiators

4. Define Your Offering's Unique Value Propositions (UVP)

Project: Competitive Analysis, and UVPs

  • Iterative search online to find at least 5 competing companies to yours.

  • Create a Competitive Analysis chart.

  • Identify at least 3 differentiators that make your offering unique from your competition.

  • Define your offering's UVPs.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 4: Horizontal & Vertical Marketing

1. Research & Development in the Internet Age

1. H & V Product Marketing

2. H & V Target Marketing

Project: List at least 3 projected horizontal and/or vertical markets for your current offering. Additionally, list at least 3 potential horizontal and/or vertical products for your new venture.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 5: Profit Models

1. Case Studies of Startup Profit Models

2. Typical Profit Models (including VARs)

3. Software Profit Models

4. Affiliate Profit Models

Project: Describe the Profit Model your company currently uses. If you don't have one, pick a Profit Model you'd like to implement for your offering to sell directly, or for your startup.

Share with group for feedback.

Module 6: The Elevator Pitch

1. Why Stealth Mode is Bad Marketing

2. Introduction to the Elevator Pitch

3. Pitch Script Templates

Project: Create an Elevator Pitch and pitch it to the group for feedback.




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