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Actualizing Products for Profit through Productization

Actualizing ideas is time consuming, often expensive, and frankly, unwise, until you determine if anyone will find value in what you've conceived. Productization is the process of validating your offering will sell by projecting 'market fit' for the largest possible audience to assess if you have an offering of value before developing and producing it.

Productization is the step-by-step process of becoming intimate with your potential, or developed offering (better late than never). It is marketing PRACTICE, not academic theory or founders' stories. Creating something that a substantial number of people will likely want, requires a thorough understanding of what you plan to sell.


Marketing an idea, or a product in development, or more effectively branding and marketing an existing offering, Productization provides an infrastructure for effective lean product and startup marketing that works to sell your offerings.

Step-by-step methodology is presented in this LIVE webinar to thoroughly examine each offering you envision (or have produced); find target markets, and individuals likely to buy your offerings; assess your competition, and find the unique value propositions of your offerings. Discover how to iterate each offering to make them uniquely valuable, and conceives future offerings and markets to sell to. See how Productization lists function as dynamic sources of SEO content to utilize in your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Set up your business for SUSTAINABLE success, at launch and beyond. Learn the process of Productization, and you’ll be able to plug most ANY IDEA, product in development, or actualized offering into the methodology (kind of like a math equation ; ) to create unique offerings of value, and effectively market them for profit.


Lean Business Marketing—Actualizing Products for Profit

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To bring this webinar to your business, online meetup or networking event, please contact us with event details, as well as dates and times preferred for this presentation:

Ready to Implement a
Marketing Foundation for Your Biz?


Validate the value of any business idea before building it! Identify target markets and users who will benefit from your offering/s. Discover your competition, and learn how to market your unique differentiators. Create SEO content marketing for your campaigns.

Entrepreneurs, it's time to put a marketing foundation under your business. Step #1: BEGIN with Productization

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