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Make Your Marketing Work

Over 90% of all

Businesses Fail

Here's How to Become Among the 10% that Succeed:

  1. Continually produce effective marketing that brands your business, and SELLS your offerings.


There is a distinct pattern that leads to business failure time and again. One (or all) of the 3 primary steps of the marketing process have been neglected, or ignored.

IPP's Lean Marketing Workshops make effectively marketing a business doable, in sequential, actionable steps. Lean Business Marketing PRACTICE, step-by-step, not MBA theory, or entrepreneurs' stories (which worked for them, but likely won't for most of us). 


Bring IPP LIVE Lean Marketing Workshops to your startup, corporation, or nonprofit organization. Learn how to garner greater response on all your marketing, to build, brand, and grow a thriving business.

Marketing can make or break your business.

Make your marketing work with every campaign to increase brand awareness, viewer engagement, and ultimately sales of your offerings. Implement three primary marketing steps with each offering you release (or plan to release), to build and brand a sustainable business.


LIVE Marketing Workshops

IPP's Lean Marketing Workshops are presented LIVE, at your business, or local office space in select locations.* LIVE LBM workshops are also available online, via Zoom, to virtually anywhere on the planet. We provide practical, lean Marketing methods, tools, process, and projects, to turn each offering you produce (now, or in the future) into a marketable offering of value, then market them, for profit (or donations).


Each workshop is Marketing PRACTICE, immersion into today's trending marketing methods, and timeless marketing strategies, developed to educate participants to think differently about the Marketing Process, then apply this knowledge to build a sustainable foundation for effectively marketing your business at launch, and beyond. And that's just Workshop 1...

Follow the steps in each workshop, in order, to achieve greater engagement on your all your marketing efforts forward. Check out IPP's Lean Business Marketing curriculum. And begin with Workshop 1.

*Currently available in select San Francisco, and Seattle Bay areas. Please include your business location in your contact information, and if you have an office, or need an office space to attend the workshops.

Workshop 1


Product Validation through Productization

Validate the marketability of your business idea, or developed (and selling) offering. Set up your business for sustained success by implementing the Productization process with each product and service you conceive, or release. 

Workshop 2


Build Your Business a Memorable Image with Branding

Learn the process of producing professional digital and print marketing—identities to launch campaigns—that generates engagement, build awareness of your business, and sales of your offerings.


Workshop 3
Launch Tightly Targeted Multichannel Marketing Across Media

Specific, low-budget, actionable steps for continually generating marketing efforts that garner attention, motivate action, brand your business, and sell your offerings. Launch Marketing and beyond to create a sustainable business.

The 3 Primary Steps* to Successfully Market Your Offerings and Business


Bring IPP LIVE Marketing Workshops to Your Business, or Come to Ours*

*IPP Marketing Workshops are currently available in select San Francisco, and Seattle areas. Please include your business location in your contact information, and if you have an office, or need an office space near you to attend these live workshops.

For LIVE LBM Workshops ONLINE, via ZOOM, to virtually anywhere on the planet, please see our Custom Workshops.

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