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Your Own CEO. Startup!

Turn Your IDEA into an App, a Service or a Product, for Profit

More than 500,000 startups launch annually in the U.S.
Over 90% fail in the first five yrs.


Entrepreneurs everywhere are busy developing apps, baking treats, designing clothing to cutlery, hoping to create thriving businesses. Some are still in the idea phase, others have growing companies. And the fact is, most won't survive without effective marketing.

Learn how to start, build and grow a sustainable business.


Startup Roadmap

Ready to become your own boss? Learn how to focus your passion into a sellable offering, then build, brand and grow a thriving, sustainable business.



Have an idea, or offering in development, for an app, product, service, or nonprofit you'd like to build into a profitable business?

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Build Your Brand

Need branded SEO content marketing for every campaign (even those done by hires) that support your brand image and garner brand advocates?



Create tightly targeted marketing that brands your business and sells your offerings with every campaign to maintain a thriving business.

Build a Marketing Foundation to Create a Thriving Business

Business success begins with Marketing.



Marketing is SELLING. That's it. Not a complicated concept (regardless of what academics tell you). We create businesses to sell stuff.

Startups must implement a marketing foundation to validate their business ideas, and also provide an infrastructure to continually generate marketing that brands your business and sells your offerings with every campaign, pre-launch, launch, and beyond.​

Learn to produce marketing that works to grow your business...

Marketing Foundation

9 Reasons Why You Need to Know Marketing

(even if you think you already do)

Learn to Create a Job You Will Love Doing

Taught for a decade at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, budding and seasoned entrepreneurs are turned on to a proprietary, step-by-step marketing process (not academic theory, or just founders' stories). Utilizing 'templates,' startup founders to CEOs learn to develop an idea into a sellable offering, then create professional, tightly targeted digital and print marketing campaigns that brand your business and sell your products and services for profit (or donations). 

Learn the complete process of launching a startup from an idea, then effectively marketing most any business to thrive.

Actualize Ideas
about IPP's Mentored Startup and Biz Marketing Workshops...

"Great course. Overall, a great experience. Brilliant."

                                                                                             —Stanford CSP student, 2019


IPP's Lean Startup and Biz Marketing workshops have been presented on campus and LIVE online at the following accredited universities:

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Ready to Startup?

Your job suck? Is your boss an ass? Are you tired of working so hard for someone else? Or spending so much of your time looking for satisfying work?

Want a job you are excited about doing daily?

Be among the hundreds of entrepreneurs and biz pros that have learned how to actualize and market ideas, and developed offerings, into profitable, thriving, sustainable businesses.

It's time to be your own boss, and create a job you love.

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