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Workshop 3: Launch




Overview and Workshop Sessions
Lean Launch Marketing—LLM Workshop 3*

Launch Multichannel Marketing Efforts Across Various Mediums



  1. Marketing Copywriting Process (B2B, B2C, and nonprofit)

  2. Copywriting Grammar and Anatomy

  3. Writing Compelling Content Marketing

  4. Social Media Marketing IRL**

  5. Building Effective Social Networks including LinkedIn, Newsletters, blogs, YouTube pgs

  6. Generating Buzz for your Offerings and Business creating PR campaigns

  7. Email Marketing Content, Tools and Techniques

  8. Live and Online A/V Presentations

  9. Utilizing Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Recommendation algorithms

  10. Pitch Deck to Solicit Funding for your Venture

  11. Lean Business Marketing Entrepreneurial Series Review

*Suggested Prerequisites for LML Workshop 3:

  W1 Productization Modules 1 - 3, and W2 Branding Modules 7 - 15

**In Real Life

3 Sessions
LBB Workshop 2: BRANDING



There are 11 Projects* in Lean Business BrandingWorkshop 2. Projects will be assigned at the end of each Module, and relate directly to its content. Completion of each project with the parameter given will yield professional-quality corporate and product identities, taglines, brand standards, and digital marketing campaigns that motivate engagement and conversion.


Projects include creating a visual library, that you'll access again and again to build (or update) your business website, as well as to establish a social media presence with platform and landing pages, and SMM campaigns. 


LBB projects demonstrate how to build brand awareness of each offering you launch, as well as concretize the overall brand image of your business, for pre-launch, rollout, and throughout the life-cycle of your business.


*In Real Life

Project Mentoring is available. Please inquire for details in the contact form below.

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