Workshop 2


The marketing process of creating and producing digital and print marketing that builds awareness of your business, generates engagement, and sales of your offerings.

LBB Workshop 2: BRANDING*

Modules and Projects

Module 7: Identity Development

1. Branding Basics

2. Naming Conventions—Naming your offering and startup

3. Taglines/Slogans

4. URLs and Web Protocols

5. Brand Elements & Standards

Project: Write a Tagline or Slogan for your offering and company.

Share your product name, company name, and taglines with group for feedback.

Project: (For companies with existing logos) Identify Brand Elements in your logo and implement Brand Standards.


Module 8: Design Fundamentals

1. Introduction to Graphic Design

2. Psychological Elements of Design

3. Line Art vs Continuous Tone

4. Applied Color Theory

5. Color Reproduction Across Media

Project: Using the Color Wheel, Find a Continuous Tone logo, and turn it into a Line Art logo with a harmonic color scheme. If you have an existing logo, use the Color Wheel to create a harmonic scheme.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 9: Identity Design

1. Identity Design Across Media

2. Working in Thumbnails

3. Logo Design for Offering and Startup

4. Typography in Print & Digital Media

5. Rebranding

Project: Produce thumbnail designs of your product and startup logos that are visually consistent across all media.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 10: Layout and Reproduction

1. Effective Layout

2. Responsive Design

3. Image Reproduction Across Media

Project: Produce thumbnail sketches of a digital or print ad for your product or service with an effective, responsive layout.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 11: Effective Visual Content

1. Elements of Attention-Grabbing Imagery

2. Copyright Law Basics

3. Free and Low Cost Image & Video Capture

Project: Begin a Visual Library of free and low-cost reproduction-quality images and video clips.


Module 12: Digital Marketing

1. User Interface Design and Engagement

2. User Experiences

3. Digital Navigation

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Project: Design a User Experience in text, and/or thumbnail sketch.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 13: Online Technology

1. Basic Online Operations

2. E-Commerce Operations

3. Domains, Subdomains & Subpages

4. Webhosting & Cloud Computing

5. Content Management Systems (CMS)

Project: Research webhosting, and/or CMS, and choose one for your needs and budget.

Share with group why you chose what you have, and how and why it suits your startup's needs.


Module 14: Website Development

1. Purpose and Function of Websites

2. Creating a Website Sitemap

3. Typical Websites Components & Pages

4. On-site Blogs & Vlogs

5. Free and Low-Cost Website Hosting & Templates

Project: Produce thumbnail sketches for your startup website using imagery from your visual libraries. If you already have a website for your startup, replace your content with more effective layout and imagery.


Module 15: Digital Campaigns

1. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Ad Campaigns

2. Landing Pages & Microsites

3. Video Campaigns

4. Video Scripting

Project: Produce thumbnail sketches of a Landing page campaign, with an embedded video.

Share with group for feedback.



*Suggested prerequisite: Productization Modules 1, 2, & 3

LBB W2—Step 2: Brand Your Productized Offerings


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