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LLM Workshop 3


Specific, low-budget, actionable steps for continually generating marketing efforts that garner attention, motivate action, brand your business, and sell your offerings.

LLM Workshop 3: LAUNCH*

Modules and Projects


Module 16: Copywriting Basics

1. Purpose, Function, and Practice of Copywriting

2. Copywriting Grammar

3. The Creative Brief

4. Generating Campaign Ideas

Project: Create a complete Creative Brief for a CPC campaign.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 17: Content Marketing

1. Copy Anatomy

2. Headlines that Sell

3. Effective CTAs

4. Creating Company Newsletters

Project: Create a lead-generating Landing page campaign to get sign-ups for your startup's newsletter.

Share with group for feedback.

Module 18: Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing Campaigns

2. SMM Profile Pages

2. Building Social Networks

3. SMM Management Tools

Project: Create Startup Profile Pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, and any other social network your potential audience frequents. Use content from your website, as well as your visual libraries to create your pages. Be sure to stick to your Brand Standards!

Share with group for feedback.


Module 19: Email Marketing

1. Garner Email Address

2. Creating Eblasts

3. Producing Drip Email Campaigns

4. Avoiding SPAM filers

Project: Produce an eblast or drip email campaign for your offering with a strong incentive to motivate recipient to take immediate action.

Module 20: Print Media Marketing

1. Direct Mail Packages

2. Brochures and One Sheets

3. Merchandising & Outdoor Marketing

Project: Create a Direct Mail Package for your offering and startup.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 21: Audio/Visual Presentations

1. Live Presentations

2. Webinars

3. Podcasts

Project: Write a document describing a TedTalk you'd like to give, or Podcast you'd like to host weekly.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 22: Generating PR

1. Getting Reviews and Testimonials

2. Generating Press with a Press Release

3. Creating Buzz with Interviews

Project: Create a press release to a reporter of a publication in your startup's industry who will likely be interested in your offering, and new venture.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 23: Data Analytics Basics

1. Implementing A/B (Split) Testing

3. Understanding Big Data Analytics and Collabrative Filtering for Affiliate Targeted Marketing

2. Utilizing Recommendation Systems

Project: Create a split test CPC campaign for your offering.

Share with group for feedback.


Module 24: Funding Your Venture

1. Venture Capital overview

3. Creating a Pitch Deck

2. Crowd-Source Funding

Project: Create a Kickstarter page to solicit crowd-source funding your new venture.

Share with group for feedback.



*Suggested prerequisite: Productization Modules 1 - 3, and Branding Modules 7 - 15

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