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Set up your business for sustained success with the Productization process, and create marketable offerings of value, then effectively sell them, for profit.

Product Validation Through Productization


Learn how to VALIDIATE, i.e. PROVE your offering has marketable VALUE, how to identify WHO (target audience) will BUY your products and services, and how to market your offerings to SELL.

The success of any business begins with MARKETING.


Without an offering of value, that many will benefit from using, at a price-point they'll pay for, there's nothing to market; brand; sell.

“Product Validation Through Productization,” is an 8-week workshop on the process of becoming intimate with your potential, or developed offering. This course provides a template—like a plug-n-play marketing equation—for turning most any idea, or even developed product, into a marketable offering of value, for profit.

Attendees will learn how to:

  1. Determine 'Product/Market Fit,' then concisely, and specifically label the features of the product or service you envision, or have produced (better late than never!).

  2. Identify a benefit or solution each feature provides, as well as likely customers who will find value in your offering.

  3. Perform Competitive Analysis on direct and indirect competition in your product/service space, to identify, monitor, and surpass your competitors.

  4. Construct dynamic lists of keywords and phrases all related to your offering, your target markets, your business, and industry.

  5. Utilize Productization Lists for iterative discovery, as well as SEO content when branding and marketing your [fully-productized] offering.

  6. Construct an Elevator Pitch for your potential, or developed product, to excite everyone you meet about your offering, and refine the pitch throughout the workshop.

  7. Highlight and create Differentiators that separate your offering from competitors.

  8. Explore Profit Models applicable to your offering, for roll-out and beyond.

  9. Identify Horizontal and Vertical markets for current offering, as well as future iterations (1.0, 2.0…) of your products or services.

Avoid the #1 Reason Startups Fail

Neglect to productize each and every offering, and at best, you'll likely waste a lot of time and money on misdirected marketing that gets little traction. At worse, ignoring Productization leads to business failure. The Productization process is time-consuming, detail-oriented, and necessary to perform, continually, to produce tightly-targeted marketing that motivates clicks, downloads, and/or purchases of your products or services, or donations to your nonprofit. Begin marketing each offering with Productization to build a sustainable, thriving business.

Validate Your Offering and Business with Step 1: Productization

IPP Lean Marketing Workshop 1:


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Like a math equation—plug most any idea, product in development, or actualized (even currently selling) offering into the Productization process, and create marketable products, services, and/or organizations of value, for profit.

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