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Product Validation Through Productization


Think you have a great business idea? Find out before you build it, through the product validation process of PRODUCTIZATION! Actualizing ideas is time consuming, and often expensive, and frankly, unwise, until you determine if anyone will find value in what you've envisioned. Productization is the process of validating the saleability (marketability) of your concept even before developing and producing it.


If you're in development now, or have already produced a product, service or nonprofit organization without Productizing your offering/s first, it's time to do so!  Better late than never.

Marketing can make or break your business. Give yourself the tools: keywords, key phrasing, and SEO content to build branding and marketing for each offering that's relevant to your target audiences, for the life-cycle of your business.


Avoid the 3 primary reasons businesses fail again and again—a year after launch, or five years down the line. Learn how to set up a rock-solid foundation for marketing your business to thrive.


  • MBA to novice, learn all the real-world marketing you’ll ever need to know.

  • Avoid the 3 primary reasons businesses fail, by implementing the RAF Marketing Method with each offering.

  • Walk the step-by-step process of getting intimate with your potential or actualized offering.

  • Define the solutions your offering provides, or desires it fulfills (eg. entertainment; SaaS; real goods and/or human services). 

  • Discover potential target markets, and individual customers, that will find benefit in the features of your offering.

  • Perform Competitive Analysis on direct and indirect competition in your product/service space.

  • Highlight, and/or create, Differentiators that uniquely position your offering from competitors.

  • Construct an initial Elevator Pitch (with a Pitch Script Template) for each of your offerings, and potential or actual business.

  • Explore Profit Models applicable to your product or service at launch and beyond.

  • dentify potential Horizontal and Vertical markets for each offering, as well as future iterations (1.0, 2.0…) of your product or service.


Productization is Marketing PRACTICE (not academic theory), the step-by-step process of becoming intimate with your potential, or developed offering. Creating something that a substantial number of people will likely want, requires a thorough understanding of what you plan to sell. Whether marketing an idea, or a product in development, or more effectively branding and marketing an existing offering, and/or business, Productization provides an infrastructure for lean product development and a platform for creating marketable offerings of value.

LSM Workshop 1 is an interactive workshop. You will learn to identify the features and benefits of your potential or actualized offering, assess your competition, discover how to iterate your idea to make it uniquely valuable, and conceive future offerings and markets. Projects in each module of this workshop series are directly applicable to utilze for your business. You'll produce Productization lists that will function as a dynamic source of copy content, filled with keywords and phrases all related to your offering, to use in your marketing efforts. You will also construct an elevator pitch to chat up your venture, as well as determine how your offering will make money out of the gate, and beyond.

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