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Lean Startup Marketing is Lean Business Marketing

Looking to turn an idea into a business, or you have a business and are already selling your offerings, IPP's Lean Business Marketing Workbooks gives readers an intimate view  the same paradigm actualizing a startup, as it does launching a new offering.

"LSM is a marketing manual every entrepreneur should keep on their desk."

Lisa Matthew, Operations Director, Guild Group Ltd

LSM Workbooks are not marketing theory, or just entrepreneurs' stories. Each workbook, filled with slides, challenges, and projects, is a step-by-step guide you'll refer to again and again. The LSM series provides specific, low-budget, actionable steps for effectively marketing your business.

Giving birth to a new idea for your existing company, or actualizing an idea into a startup, LSM Workbooks will give you the tools, techniques, methods and process to launch each new offering you conceive or produce, with marketing that generates response—engagement, conversion, sales, and builds awareness of your brand.

Click on each cover to get a sneak peek at the content on Amazon.


Online Learning in Movie-Trailer Videos

The Talking Head is Dead

Online learning not teaching you much, with the instructor talking at you, but not really showing you?


IPP's Lean Startup Marketing Online shows you, with movie-trailer style videos, the Productization process.

Neglecting Productization is the #1 place most businesses fail, and the most neglected step in the marketing process.


PRODUCTIZE every offering you conceive or produce, into a unique, marketable offering of value, for a specific groups of people, for profit. Learn the Productization process, step-by-step, in movie-trailer style videos in the LSM Workshop 1 video series on Udemy.

Bring Lean Marketing Webinars to Your Group, Meetup, or Office,

virtually anywhere on the planet!

IPP's Lean Marketing Workshops are not restricted to San Francisco Bay, or Seattle areas. You and your team can still get LIVE Lean Marketing Workshops ONLINE, via Zoom. To see our Custom Workshop packages, as well as LIVE Webinar Presentations, click the button.

This gallery of images has over 100 slides, shown in the 50 minute, "Marketing PRACTICE for Sustained Business Growth," webinar. 

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