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Copywriting is marketing with words. Unlike writing fiction, or industry non-fiction, copywriting content should not only entertain, but stimulate an action on the part of the viewer. Effective copy gets attention, builds your brand, and motivates the viewer to buy your offerings or into your messaging.

Marketing Copywriting—Make Your Words Work is a LIVE, 90 minute Zoom webinar examining what makes effective copy content in today's image-oriented, flash-read culture.

  • Uncover what motivates people to ACT on our campaigns through Marketing Fundamentals.

  • Introduction to a template system for garnering branded digital, print, and network [pitch] content marketing for your future campaigns.

  • Implement a Creative Brief for every marketing effort to achieve each campaign's unique objective.

  • Explore copywriting techniques for generating SEO content marketing to utilize in crafting compelling social media (SMM) posts, videos, networking pitches and more.

  • Examine the CTA (Call-to-Action), and writing CTAs that motivate response.

  • Review copywriting grammar, editing methods, and storytelling techniques to keep readers engaged and motivate conversion.

Learn how to conceive and write multimedia marketing campaigns that grab attention, communicate succinctly, generate interest, motivate engagement and get response.

15 min Q and A following presentation.


About the Educator

Jeri Cafesin is a creative director, a Stanford entrepreneurship educator, and the founder of—mentoring entrepreneurs in effective Marketing PRACTICE. A Silicon Valley MarCom specialist since the dot-com boom, from Fortune 500s (HP; Intuit; ViacomCBS), to seed-funded fledglings (The Learning Co/Mattel; Bay Networks/Nortel; Location Labs/Avast;), her marketing strategies for digital, print, and viral campaigns have helped generate substantial business growth, and create sustainable startups, some ultimately selling for millions. A business writer of the Lean Startup Marketing series, and a 10+ yr university educator, Ms. Cafesin has also taught hundreds of college students and business pros how to actualize and market their offerings into profitable, thriving, sustainable businesses.

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