Lean Business Marketing—Actualizing and Marketing Products for Profit


More than 500,000 startups launch annually in the U.S.

Over 90% fail in the first 5 yrs.


Entrepreneurs everywhere are busy developing apps, baking cupcakes, designing clothing to cutlery, hoping to create thriving businesses. And the fact is, most won't survive without effective marketing.


This course is Marketing PRACTICE, total immersion into today's digital marketing methods, and timeless marketing strategies, to build, brand, and grow a sustainable business. LIVE ONLINE, budding and seasoned entrepreneurs are introduced to a proprietary, step-by-step marketing 'template' to actualize ideas into valuable offerings, then market them, for profit. Students will learn the three stages of marketing a business to thrive, from developing a unique product, service, or [nonprofit] message of value, to creating campaigns that brand the business and sell their offering/s.


Learning Outcomes

  • Implement the Productization process—a 10-step process for validating ideas (and developed offerings—better late than never!) into uniquely valuable products and services, tightly-targeted to specific markets.

  • Perform Competitive Analysis, and identify your offering's unique differentiators.

  • Project Horizontal and Vertical offerings; define a Profit Model; and write an Elevator Pitch.

  • Develop Branding—product and company names, identities, taglines, and multimedia brand standards.

  • Create effective content marketing—UX and graphic design with impact, including SEO copywriting.

  • Understand basic online operations: URLs, webhosting, CMS, and data analytics, including digital and print reproduction.

  • Obtain effective visual content at low, to no cost, and establish an image library to utilize in your digital and print campaigns.

  • Produce marketing content—websites, landing pages, social media marketing, emails, online and print advertising, PR, and collateral.

  • Find and explore resources for raising capital. Create a Pitch Deck for VC or crowd funding.


By the end of the course, students will have learned the complete process of marketing potential and developed offerings into profitable ventures. This course provides a plug-n-play marketing template to actualize ideas into valuable products and services, and effectively market them for sustained business growth.

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