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virtually anywhere on the planet!

Seed startups operate out of their garages and dining rooms, shared office spaces, and business incubators. Lean companies have employees working all over the world, from their home offices, to office "campuses" globally. It's often impossible to get people together IRL.

IPP makes it easy to learn how to produce effective marketing, whether you are your team, or there are many stakeholders in your business. Today's technology brings our educators into your home office, or your business, anywhere you and your team are located. These LIVE online workshops are presented via Zoom, and offer real time interaction with the instructor during the presentation of slides and videos. Real world projects are assigned, reviewed in depth, and shared with the group for input, just like the in-person workshops. 

And the best bit, no long commute! Just get online...

Lean Marketing Workshops are not restricted to San Francisco, or Seattle areas. 


You and your team can get LIVE LBM Workshops ONLINE, via Zoom

Ready for a Quick Marketing Education?

Schedule a LIVE Lean Marketing talk, or Webinar for your group, Meetup, or office, in-person*, or via ZOOM to virtually anywhere on the planet with internet access.

"Marketing PRACTICE for Sustained Business Growth," is a 50 minute talk exposing a distinct pattern that leads to business failure time and again, then introduces a unique marketing paradigm that makes effectively marketing a business doable, in sequential, actionable steps.

Originally presented as a webinar for Women In Consulting, a global consortium of women entrepreneurs, this, and other presentations can be presented LIVE, at your office, or online, via ZOOM, as was this original presentation of over 100 slides and gifs.

Marketing Education Wherever You and Your Team Are

Bring LIVE LBM Workshops ONLINE to Your Business
Business is run remotely, now more than ever.


Marketing will still make or break your business, regardless of where it is located. If you don't produce marketing that gets attention, engagement, and eventually sales, your business will fail.

Of course, marketing is not limited to ad campaigns. Branding your offerings and company, to live Meetups where you are soft-pitching your venture, you'll need to produce marketing throughout the life cycle of your business.

LIVE in -person, or LIVE online, IPP's Lean Business Marketing Workshops educate entrepreneurs in marketing their business to thrive, for pre-launch, launch, and beyond.

To schedule a complimentary consultation to bring LIVE LBM Workshops ONLINE, via ZOOM, to stakeholders in your business, virtually anywhere on the planet, please fill out the form. 


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