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IPP is here to help entrepreneurs make their business marketing work while working from home during this coronavirus outbreak.


If you're ready to turn an idea into a growing business, or looking for more traction—engagement and sales—from your marketing campaigns, learn how to build, brand, and grow your business with LIVE Lean Business Marketing ONLINE workshops.

LBM LIVE Online Workshops

IPP's proprietary Lean Business Marketing method is the only series of entrepreneurial workshops that teaches all three stages of startup development. Coursework is taught via video conferencing, with one-on-one instruction and mentoring. All assigned projects are designed to be utilized in marketing business offerings and building brand awareness. Workshops can be CUSTOMIZED to suit your business (and budget) needs:


A) PRODUCTIZATION: Turning ideas (and developed offerings—better late than never!) into marketable offerings of value, that sell with your marketing efforts.

B) BRANDING: Identity development through graphic design applied to digital and print marketing campaigns that build brand awareness across media.

C) LAUNCH: Website and pre-launch campaigns, then continually produce multimedia, tightly-targeted marketing that brands, engages and sells your expanding list of offerings.

Talented innovators are imagining and creating awesome apps for our electronic devices, or offering fantastic online services (SaaS), putting the power of technology at our fingertips. Cupcakes to clothing to cutlery, others are developing goods and products to enrich our lives. Most are hoping to create thriving companies. And the fact is, most won't survive much beyond launch without effective marketing.

Every LBM LIVE Online Workshop provides an interactive, one-on-one lean business marketing education, with mentoring, for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. These workshops are Marketing PRACTICE (not academic theory or startup stories), each presented in a step-by-step process of getting ideas from the whiteboard to the marketplace:

  • Implement the Productization process—a 10-step, sequential process for building a strong marketing foundation for your business, and every offering you envision (or produce).

  • Discover target markets and individual users for your product, service, or nonprofit.

  • Perform Competitive Analysis, and identify your offering's unique differentiators from competitors.

  • Implement a Profit Model for launch of each offering, and project Horizontal and Vertical offerings and markets. Create an Elevator Pitch to excite others about your venture.

  • Develop Branding—product and company names, identities, taglines, and multimedia brand standards.

  • Examine effective content marketing including graphic design, copywriting, and SEO—Search Engine Optimization (for better Google placement).

  • Understand how digital technology works—from URLs, to web hosting, to cloud computing, including print reproduction for producing professional marketing for your venture.

  • Obtain effective visual content at low, to no cost, and establish an image and audio library filled with video clips, sound bites, music, and imagery with impact to utilize in your digital and print campaigns.

  • Create marketing content—websites, landing pages, social media marketing, emails, online and print advertising and collateral that reflects your brand and sells your offerings.

  • Find and explore resources for raising capital. Create a Pitch Deck for VC or crowd funding.


Give yourself and your team (if you have one) a shot at beating the grim startup failure stats. Bring LBM Workshops to your entrepreneurial venture to build, brand, and grow a sustainable business.

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