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A small team, or an entire marketing department, how effectively you continually market your offerings, and brand your venture, will ultimately determine the success of your business.

You can rely on your marketing department, or an outside ad agency, assuming you can afford one, to create effective campaigns for your business. Let's hope they deliver! Many do not, as they don't know, or get to know your business intimately. Instead, they flood the internet, or Facebook, with pay-per-click ads for your offerings that don't get much traction.


Hiring an agency, or managing your own marketing in-house, you'll likely achieve a lot better response by simply understanding how to produce marketing that motivate engagement, action, and sales of what you have, (or will have), of unique value. Learn to create marketing that works to brand and grow your business.

Custom Marketing and Coding Mentorships are available in-person*, and online**.

LIVE LBM Workshops ONLINE, can be presented to virtually anywhere on the planet (with internet access).

Lean Marketing Webinars are LIVE marketing talks, micro-workshops in Lean Marketing PRACTICE.

*IPP In-Person Marketing Mentorships are currently available at your office, or meet us @ ours, in select San Francisco, and Seattle area locations.

**Via Zoom, a remote video conferencing platform. 


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